An Inventory of Nehemiah Stott Deced - 8 June 1751 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

An Inventory of Nehemiah Stott Deced
To 24 Barrels of Corn, to one old Horse and one Mare, to middling Large Hogs, & 7 Pigs - to 2 Sheep, to 2 Cows & 1 Bull yearling, to one heifer, to 340 Weight of Beef, to 2 raw hides, to one handmill, to 2 Spining Wheels, to 2 good beds, to 3 old Beds, to 4 Rugs, to 3 Blanketts, to 6 Sheets, to 3 bedstheads & Cords, to 2 Matts, to 1 Large Pott, to 1 old Ditto, to good Iron Kettle, to 4 pair of Pott Hooks, to 1 Iron Spitt, to flesh folk, to pair of fire tongs, to one pair of Iron Wedges, to 1 good hoe, to 4 old Do, to 2 old Axes, to 9 Chairs, to 4 Chests, 2 pretty Good, & 2 old, to 1 old Do, to 2 old Pine Tables, to 1 old box, to 2 Looking Glass, to 8 Pewter Plates, to 8 Earthen Plates, to 1 Earthen Pan, to 3 Pewter Dishes, to 1 Pewter Bason, to 1 Pewter Funel, to Earthen Bason, to 2 Earthen Cups, to 1 Brass Candlestick & Iron Candlestick, to good Bible, to 1 old De, to Testament, to one Psalter, to 2 Earthen Jugs, to one olde Man's Saddle, to 1 side Saddle, to Leather for one Saddle - and the tree, to 2 Sides of Leather & 2 Skins, to 1 Cupboard a old one, to one Wooden Wheel to 2 Sifter to one frying Pan, to one Washing Tub to 2 Buckets to 2 Pigins, to one old Loom to 1 pair of harness, to 2 Stays, to one old Box Iron, to 1/2 of a Canoe, to 1/2 of a Cart, to 1 Grubing hoe, Yo 1 Plough, to 5 old Harrow hoes, to 1 pair of hames, to 2 Meat Tubs, to 2 old Tubs Do, to 2 old fishing Lines, to three Pound of Lead, to 1 Iron Collar Needle, to 2 Kersy Coats, to one Worsted Jackett, to one felt hatt, to one old Do. to pair Stockens, to 2 pair of Breeches, to 2 Shirts, to Cash 33/. to 600 weight of tobacco, to 100 pounds tobacco uninspected, to 1 pair of Steelards, to 1 hand Saw, to 1/2 Doz. of Knives and forks, to 3 Syder Casks, to 1 old hogheand, to 1 Table Cloth and two towels, to 1 gun, A Muskett, to 1 Dozen of Spoons, to one hackle, to 2 Earthen Potts,
David Stott Exr
June 8th 1751

At a Court held for Northampton County the 11th Day of June 1751.
This Inventory of the Estate f Nehemiah Stott Deced was returned by David Stott his Executor & Ordered to be Recorded.


_____. Northampton County Virginia Wills etc 1829-1853. Northampton County Virginia Court House, p. 93.

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