Red Bank Baptist Church Cemetery
(including Red Bank South)

Marionville, Virginia

Red Bank ChurchCemeteryNottingham sectionChurch from rear of cemeteryRed Bank SouthRed Bank South - building is gone

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Agee Chandler Fletcher Lambert Pierce Tankard Wright
Alson Charnock Floyd Landon Rayfield Tatum Young
Ames Churn Fowler Lewis Reid Taylor
Armentrout Colonna Fraser Lilliston Revell Thomas
Babcock Conover Frick Little Richards Thompson
Badger Corbin Fuld Lynch Richardson Tipton
Bagwell Crockett Gibb Marr Riggin Turlington
Baker Culp Gilden Martin Roberts Twiford
Bargh Custis Gladden McDonald Robertson Underhill
Beachboard Daniels Godwin Mears Robins/Robbins Wallace
Bell Dennis Goffigon Melson Roff Walters
Belote DeWald Hann Meyers Rose Ward  
Bool/Boole Diem Harrell Miles Savage Warrington  
Bounds Doland Harrison Miller Sharpley Webb  
Bradford Doughty Henderson Mills Shields West  
Brady Downing Hill Mitchell Shreaves Whitehead  
Buelow Dunn Holland Morris Shultz Whittington  
Bull Dunton Hudson Neeson Small Widgen  
Bunting Eder Isdell Nordstrom Smith Wiley  
Burton Einstein Johnson Nottingham Smullin Williams  
Byrd Ewell Jones Olschner Snyder Wilson  
Callahan Fatherly Joynes Parks Stephenson Winder  
Camden Ferguson Justice Peaster Stevens Windings  
Campbell Fischer Keech Peterson Sturges/Sturgis Windley  
Carpenter Fitchett Kelly/Kelley Phillips Tang Wooldridge UNKNOWN

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Gravestone Inscriptions: #187, Red Bank Churchyard
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