Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Eastville, Virginia

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According to Gravestone Inscriptions there are three sections in this cemetery--
sections 1, 2, and 3. Graves from sections 1 and 3 are listed together in the
following list. Section 2 has not yet been found. 

Allen Coles Giddens James Offer Spady White
Anderson Collins Giddings Jarvis Palmer Spivey Widgeon
Andrews Cortrell Graham Johnson Poole Spratley Wilkins
Bailey Countney Gray Jones Powell Stanford Williams
Baker Custis Griffin Jordan Purnell Sterling Willis
Beckett Daggins Hallett Joyner Reid Stevens Wilson
Bell Davis Harmon Joynes Robins Sunkins Wimber
Bibbins Dunton Harris Kates Robinson Thomas Winder
Blake Edwards Henry Kellam Roselle Thompson Wise
Brickhouse Etheridge Hilliard Mapp Ruffin Toy Wooster
Brisco Ferguson Hooper McBride Salters Toy-Harrison Wright
Brooks Fisher Horsey Morgan Sanford Trower Wynder
Brown Fitchett House Morris Satchell Turner  
Bulle Foeman Houston Morrison Savage Walker  
Burrows Garvin Hughes Nichols Scott Washington  
Burton Gibbs Hyslop Nies Simpkins Weeks  
Church Gidden Jacobs Nottingham Smith Wescott UNIDENTIFIED

stone Inscriptions: #111A, Bethel
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