Mt. Calvary Baptist Church 2

Northampton County, Virginia

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Addison Burton Drummond Harris Maddox Shields Walker
Agee Calhoun Duncan Holden Mapp Smith Walters
Allen Carlton Edmonds Howard McGee Starchie Washington
Allison Carnelious Fields Hudson Moore Strand Weatherly
Ames Chandler Finney Hunt Perkins Sturgis Wescott
Ayers Chisum Fisher Jackson Phillips Tankard West
Badger Clifford Floyd James Pitchford Taylor Whaley
Bailey Coles Foskey Johnson Reed Teague White
Beach Collins Fosque Jones Reid Toliver Wilson
Belgrave Cook Furman Kellam Richardson Tregon Young
Bibbins Coston Giddins Kelley Rogers Treherne
Boggs Custis Grant Laferty Rowley Turner
Brickhouse Daniels Hack LeCato Sample Twyford
Briggs Davis Hale LeCator Savage Tynes
Brooks Dorsey Hall Lucato Scott Upshur
Brown Doughty Harmon Mabin Sheppard Vennie UNIDENTIFIED

Gravestone Inscriptions: #263A, Mt. Calvary 2
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