Modest Town Baptist Church Cemetery

Modest Town, Virginia

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Adams Burroughs Gill Kelly Neale Savage Watson
Ayres Burton Gillespie Lang Nelson Scott Weatherman
Baker Cadieu Gray Laws Northam Shreaves Weisenburg
Barnes Colonna Groton Lewis Onley Shreves Wessells
Bass Corbin Hala Littleton Parkes Singleton West
Belote Crowther Herrington Long Parks Smith White
Bloxom Derrickson Hickman Lucas Pettit Somers Whittington
Bonniwell Dix Hope Mackin Phillips Steelman Wimbrough
Bowden Dukes Howard Mason Pinkine Taylor Wise
Bowdoin Evans Howe Matthews Rayfield Thompson Young
Boyd Fanton Jacobs McAllen Rew Thornton
Bull Fisher Jamel Mears Rolander Trader
Bundick Fluharty Johnson Metcalf Ross Volk
Bunting Folk Jones Miles Russell Walker
Burr Gardner Justis Mitchell Sandifer Walsh Unidentified

Tombstone Inscriptions: #182, Mdst
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