Will of John Kilman - 1795

In the name of G Amen this - in the Year of Our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred & Ninety five I John Kilman of Acomack County in the State of Virginia being Sick and Weak in Body but of Sound Mind, Memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament (as follows) After my death and funeral charges are paid I lend and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth Kilman all my lands and estate that is to say moveable and immoveable during the lifetime of the said Elizabeth Kilman and that after her decease I give and make over to my dear son William Kilman all of Said Lands and if my son william Should die without an heir of his body its my Desire & wish that my son Samuel should [-----] heir and Possessor of Said Estate property immoveable. I more over wish & Desire that at the Death of my Wife that my son William only gits possession of the Lands and builds thereon and that all the Movable Estate be Eaqually divided between all my children as Follows William & Samuel Kilman and Sarah, Betsey, Abbee, & Mary Kilman my Daughters. In Witness I have hereunto Subscribed my name and affixed my Seal this 18th, Day of May 1795.  Signed published & Delivered by the said Testaters in the Presents of the undernamed Witnesses

            his                                                                         his
Ephrim X Vessels                                                    John X Kilman {Seal}
           mark                                                                    mark

James X Vessels

At a Court held for Accomack County August 28th 1797

The foregoing last will & testament of John Kilman decd was proved by the oaths of of Ephrim Vessels and James Vessels Witnesses there to and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Eliza Killman taking Oath ang [sic] giving William Justice & Isaiah Justice for secury, who entered into and acknowledged a Bond for this purpose Certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate thereof in Due form.

Examined                                            Teste
July the 1st 1799                                            Littlton Savage Clk

Source: _____.  Accomack Will Book (Wills & C 1796-98): 242-243

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