Survey for a Baptist Meeting House

15 February 1790

This day laid of half Acre of Land from the lands of William Warner which 1/2 Acre of Land was given by the aforsd Warner to the Society of People called Baptists for the prupose of Erecting a House of Worship thereon which land do lie in the Parish and County of Accomack and bounded as follows, towit, On the N.W. by the County road and the Lands of the heirs of Joshua Copes, On S.W, S.E., & N.E. by the lands of Wm. Warner for the courses, Distances and Plat see below

Parker Barnes

NOTE: This church located in Metopkin and was organized by Elijah Baker in 1785. William Elizabeth Warner provided a lot for in in 1790, and shortly after the first building was erected there. It was on the Seaside Road about a mile north of Zion Baptist Church. (Mariner: 483).

See Eastern Shore Heritage   Accomack Parish District 7.


_____.  Accomack County Virginia Surveyors Records Book 1, 1784-1794; p 129.

Mariner, Kirk, REVIVAL'S CHILDREN, A Religious History of Virginia's Eastern Shore. Salisbury MD: Peninsula Press, 1979.

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