Survey of the Land of Eli Doughty for Joseph L. Ferrell - Transcribed by Sandra Perkins

Northampton County

I Garland P. Moore, surveyor for the County aforesaid, this day at the request of Joseph L. Ferrell, made this survey of one hundred and seventy acres of land, located on Hog Island in this County, charged on the lands books to Ely Doughty’s Estate and sold at the tax sale of delinquent lands in November 1888. To Joseph L. Ferrell. Said land is bounded on the North by the land charged on the land books to Ann Doughty’s Estate and purchased at the sale of Delinquent lands by Joseph L. Ferrell November 1888; South by the land of George W. Doughty; East by the Atlantic Ocean; and West by the Broadwater.

A plat of survey of the said land is hereto annexed.

Given under my hand this the 19th day of November A.D. 1889.

Garland P. Moore

Surveyor for Northampton Co.
 survey_eli_doughty_estate.jpg (35225 bytes)  (Click on the thumbnail to view the plat map
 that belongs in the middle of this survey) 


At a county court continued and held by adjournment in and for the County of Northampton at the Court house thereof on Tuesday the 12th day of July A.D. 1892. This report of Garland P. Moore, County Surveyor of this County accompanied by plat showing a survey of land sold by E. L. Costin, late County Treasurer of this County, on the day of November, 1888, for non payment of taxes, under the name of Ely Doughty’s Estate, and the Court seeing no objection to said report and plat thereto annexed it is ordered the same be recorded.

Teste: T. Lanford Spady, Clerk


____. Northampton Co., VA Deeds 1892-1893 (Bk. 46) pp. 102-103. 

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