Simpson Survey 10 May 1792 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
May 10th 1792
Surveyed at the request of Col. Selby Simpson Fifty Acres of two rood and 21 perches of land the property of Elijah Simpson Forty Acres of the same was sold at public Sale and Mr. Thomas Cropper became Purchaser which lands do lie in the Parish and County of Accomack and bounded as follows (to wit) on the S. W. by a line of marked trees, dividing from the lands of Jacob Taylor on the N. W. by a line of marked trees dividing from the lands of Anne Stevens, Ralph Justis and Anne West on the N. E. by the lands of new Ground [-----] & Geo. Bagwill late of North. County and on the S. E. by a road dividing from the land of Preason Dix for the Courses, Distances, Plat and other particulars see below
Parker Barnes D. S. A. C.

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_____. Accomack County Survey Book 1, p. 201.

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