Shield Survey 13 October 1800 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Spelling remains the same.

In Obedience to an Order of the Worshipful Court of Accomakc County dated Septemr Court 1800 I Parker Barnes D. Surveyor of said county have on the 13th day of October 1800 gone on the lands of Aser Shiled in company with a Jury impailed by the Sherif and Surveyed & divided the lands of the aforsd. A. Shield which are situate lying & being in the Parish of St. George & County aforesaid near Watchapreague and bounded as follows (to wit) on the N. E. by a creek dividing from the lands of Jno. Custis (SS) and by a small gut & line of marked trees dividing from the lands of the heirs of Jesse Kellam, on the S. W. by the lands of Levi Long & Peter Sheild & on the S. E. by the lands of the aforsd Peter Sheild for the plat Courses, distances and the division see below
Parker Barnes

By Scale of 20 Ch to an inch
P. B.

No 1 Nancy Sheild lot next to Longs & Shield . . . 20 Acres
No 2 James Shield (orchard lot) . . . 22 Acres
No 3 Jno Shield (House lot) 24 . . . Acres
No 4 James Wharton in right of his wife Sarah 31 Acres next to Custis & Kellams
Total 101 Acres

SEE: Shield Survey 13 October 1800


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