Nottingham Survey - 6 August 1789 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
August 6th 1789
Surveyed at the request of Abel Nottingham Fifty Acres of Land Situate and being in the Parish of St. George and County of Accomack on the seaside road opposite Matchapungo Creek and Bounded as follows (towit) On the N. E. and N. W. by lines of Marked trees dividing the premisses for the lands of Archabald Garrison and on the South West and S. E. by lines of Marked Trees dividing the same from the land of Abel Nottingham who sold the above 50 acres of Land to Isiah Garrison, for courses distances and Plat see below.
Parker Barnes DS. AC
By 1/2 Inch Scale

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_____. Accomack County Virginia Surveyors Records #1 1784-1794, p. 117.

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