Hinman - Lucas Survey - 31 August 1792 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Spelling remains the same

Augt 31st 1792 Surveyed at the request of Wm. Hinman & Wm. Lucas Sixty acres and a half of land situate, lying in the Parish and County of Accomack and bourded as follows, towit, On the N. W. by Gales Swamp on the N. E. by the lands of Francis Litchfield and Miflin Swamp lands, on the S. E. by the lands of Jno Shay Hall and on the S. W. by the lands of Jacob Taylor for the Courses Distances Plat & division see more particularly below
Parker Barnes

By Scale of 2 ch to an inch

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_____. Accomack County Survey Book 1, p. 213.

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