Bradford Survey of May 23 and 25, 1792

Zephaniah Braford, decd. - Survey 23rd & 25th of May 1792 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
NOTE: Spellings and punctuation have not been changed.

By Virtue of an Order of the Worshipful Court of Accomack County bearing the Date March 1792 I Parker Barnes D. Surveyir of the said County and a Jury impaneled for the purpose of dividing the lands [-----] of Zephaniah Bradford which lands do lye in the Parish of St Geo: and the County aforsd in the lower end of Bradfords Neck adjoining the lands of the late Abel Upshur Decd and are bounded as follows, (to wit) On the N. E. by the lands Argil Kellam late of Thos Bradford on the N. W. by Matchapungo Creek on the S. W. by Upshur Neck and on the S. E. by the Bay Shore for the Courses, Distances, Plat and Divisons see below.

Parker Barnes

No 1

Marys Part


acres of up land

No 2

Esther "


No 3

Jane "


No 4

Abel "


No 5

Elizt "



high land


Acres of Good Marsh


Do of Sunken Do



Divison line from Seaside to Matchapungo creek N52 W which lines are continued in the same direction through the marsh

By 1/2 In. Scale

P. B.

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_____.  Accomack County Survey Book 1:259.

© Copyright 2006 by Gail M. Walczyk

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