Thomas Aires Survey - 30 November 1797 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Spelling remains the same

Novr 30th 1797
Surveyed at the Request of Thomas Aires One hundred and fifty eight Acres of land and Divided the same which lands were late the property of Levin Rodgers decd. and are bounded as follows, (towit) on the S. E. by the lands, of Robinson Custis late of Jno West (Miller) on the N. E. by the lands of Thos Waters, on the N. W. by Jno. Custis (BS) & on the S. W. by the Mill pond of Jno. Custis (BS) the Plat, Courses, distances & division See more particularly below
Parker Barnes
No 1. Tho. Aires 84 Acr in right of his wife
No 2. Parker West 74 Acr, purchased of Jacob Bird
Total 158 Acres

By 1/2 in. Scale


_____. Eastern Shore Stuff Original Scans and Document Photographs - Accomack County Survey Book 2 - 1794-1799 - Aires, Thomas. Accessed 15 May 2012.

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