Srieves Survey - 8 December 1794 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

December 8th 1794
Surveyed at the request of William Srieves Nine Acres of land which the sd Sreaves hat lately purchased of Edwd Kilman which lands lie in the parish and Coutny of Accomack and bounded as follows (towit) On the S. E by the lands of the aforsd Sreaves on the S. W by the lands of Thos Rileys heirs on the N. W by the lands of Thos Gray late of Edwd Kilman and on the N. E by the heirs of Solomon Gray for the Courses Distances Plat and other particulars below
Parker Barnes

lines Courses Distances Boundaries
AB 12.37W 07.00 new pine
BC N60W 07.33 Piner Corner
CD S39W 25.00 Corner at Joynes's
DE S30E 10.80 Danl Bull corner
EF Nh7E 12.00
FA N52E 16.50 to B. Gum at beginning

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_____. Accomack County Virginia Surveyors Records #2 1794-1799, No Page Number.

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