27 March 1788 - Stephen Bloxom Survey - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

27 March 1788

Surveyed at the request of Stephen Bloxom Forty seven and a half Acres of land, Situate and being in the Parish and County of Accomack near the head of the Branch Issuing into Muddy Creek and bounded as follows Vizt in the N. E. by the aforsd branch On the N. W. by a line of marked trees dividing the Premises from the land of William Bloxom (junior) and Richd Justice on the S. E. by a line on marked trees dividing the same from the lands of Ishmael Perry for the Plat, Courses, and Distances see below

Likewise in April following measured 11 1/2 Acres of land on the S. E. side of the aforsd Tract which land in in Controversy between Sd Bloxom and Perry the Courses are doted lines
Parker Barnes DS. AC

By 1/2 In Scale
P. B


_____. Accomack County Survey Book 1, p. 85.

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