Richard Bloxom Senr Survey - 30 August 1798 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same

30 August 1798
Surveyed at the Request of Richard Bloxom Senr Sixty eight Acres of land Situate lying and being in the Parish and County of Accomack and bounded as follows (towit) on the N. E. by the Mill Pond of Robt Small, heirs and the lands of Richd Bloxom, on the N. W. by the lands of Argil Bloxom heirs on the S. W. by the lands of Argil Hinman and Nancy Justice and on the S. E. by the lands of Stephen Bloxom late of Moses Bloxom, for the Plat, Courses, distances and other particulars see below
Parker Barnes DS. AC

By 1/2 Inch Scale
P. B.

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_____. Accomack Surveyors Record Book 2, (1794-1799), p. 82.

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