From Pungoteague to Petersburg - by Alton Brooks Parker Barnes

The first two volumes of Parker Barnes' three-volume work about the soldiers of the Eastern Shore were published in 1988; the third followed in 1994.  The books quickly sold out and are no longer available.

This is an important work that brings together a number of resources that would take a researcher a great amount of time to peruse.  Although there are discussions of specific battles in which Eastern Shore soldiers participated, do not expect to find the sort of material one would find in a history of the periods covered.  The emphasis in Mr. Barnes' work is on the Eastern Shore dwellers who were caught up in a history managed by others.  For a detailed review of these volumes, click here.

I am very grateful to Mrs. Virginia Widgen, widow of Parker Barnes, for allowing me to post a copy of Pungoteague to Petersburg on this web site.

Mr. Barnes' work is presented here in image format.  Each of the links below will take you to a table of contents from which you can select pages to view.  Extensive page navigation is provided at the bottom of each image.  Please note that some browsers will reduce the size of a large image before displaying it to the user.  Consult your browser documentation to find out how to enlarge the image.

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