Esther Joyne is to Easland Joyne her Guardian
Esther Joyne

August 9th 1759 
To 5 Months Schooling . . . @ 2/6. £00.12.6
To board paid Arthur Addison 01.10.0
To Cash paid the Sherif for Tobacco 00.04.4
Cash paid John Wilkins 00.02.4

Errors Excepted pr me Easland Joyne
At a Court held for Northampton County the 14th Day of August 1759 This Account the Estate of Esther Joyne Orphan, was exhibited & sworn to, by Easland Joyne her Guardian and Ordered to be Recorded.

Walczyk, Gail M. Northampton County VA Orphans Accounts 1731-1784. Coram NY: Peter's Row, p. 48, 49.

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