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If you are interested in announcements of new or updated features on this web site (or anything else I might have to say), then sign up below.  This mailing list is a one-way email list; that is, you cannot post messages or respond to messages as you would in an interactive list.  How often will I send out messages? I have no idea.

Note: If you use a spam blocker to control who sends you email, please add
to your list of approved addresses so that you receive emails. Sorry, but I do not fill in request forms generated by spam blockers.

If you get tired of hearing from me, just send an email to and I will remove you from the mailing list.

Please note that if you click "Reply" to answer a message sent to this mailing list, your reply will go into an administrative black hole rather than to me. Send your replies to

Also please note that the mailing list is periodically culled of "bounced" addresses. If you have signed up but have never received any messages, please contact me.

NOTE: A number of ISPs reject email sent by the servers this site uses for email. This has occurred because of spam issues over which I have no control. I have tried to rectify the problem with ISPs only to find that email from me is continually blocked. I am tired of dealing with these people and their heavy-handed approach to spam by which only the guiltless are truly affected. If you are not getting email, complain to your ISP and tell them to fix the problem and whitelist the address given above. Don't accept their lame excuse that I have to fix the problem.

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