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Union Troops Prepare to Occupy the Eastern Shore - 

from The New York Times

of November 19, 1861

Prepared by Wayne Stith

(At the 2002 GHOTES Conference I was presented a complete issue of the New York Times from November 19, 1861. - I am delighted to be able to share it with the community via these photographs and scans. - WS)

This issue of the Times is eight pages in length, all of which are presented here for the sake of completeness.  The focus of this issue is the impending occupation of the Eastern Shore of Virginia by Federal troops early in the Civil War, but there are other interesting tidbits as well.

The material is presented in page sections, each of which contains direct links to the material as well as a clickable image map.  Pages 1 and 8 were scanned in a normal fashion.  The remaining pages could not be laid on the scanner without significant damage to this brittle object; these pages were photographed, and the appropriate images were extracted from the photographs.  Image number and quality vary considerably.

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