The Deposition of John Scott - 10 October 1768 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

The Deposition of John Scott aged about twenty four Years and upwards before first sworn on the holy Evangilists deposing Saith that he lived with the lately decd Ann Dunton from his childhood untill he arrived at full age during which time he has known the Respondents William Dunton and Elias Dunton to have given assistance with their Hands to the aforesaid Mrs Ann Dunton in making Crops and other plantation Business when ever it appeared too hard for her own People and that the Said Ann Dunton when either of the Said Respondents had Occasion for necessarily assistance the said Ann did very readily lend it to them this deponent further deposeth that the respondent Isaac Dunton, as far as he understood had made the Said Ann a free gift of the Use and profits of a Plantation which the Said Isaac were seized of adjoining the Lands held by the said Ann and further that the said Isaac had frequently made presents of son trifles towards housekeeping particularly son Loaf Sugar and Coffee And this Depont further saith that the particulars of the Assistance furnished by the Respondents to the said Ann Dunton this Depont now remembers as followeth to wit one Year the said Respondents threshe about forty Bushls Wheat, about four hundred Bushels of Oats, and beat out about One hundred Bushels of Corn, One year the Deft Wm broke up and plow a piece of Old Field, and this Depont saith that the said Respondents for about four Years while this Depont lived with the said Ann constantly every year assisted in threshing her wheat & Oats and brake out her Corn, and carry the same gerenally to Mrs Harmansons Landing distant about three Miles That he has heard the said Ann say that as her two Sons William and Elias were contigious to their said Mother she called upon them frequently for the Assistance and that the Respondent Isaac had given her the use of his Land to make the Burthen equal upon all the Respondents And the depondent further deposeth that during the Time of his Residence with the said Ann the Respondents William and Elias always made her Tobacco Hogsheads and one or other of them always accompany'd the same to the ware house and Commonly the Respondents assisted her with Horses and Cart to Convey the same and the respondent Elias when ever any Tobo was required to be weighed was called upon to weigh it and further saith not
John Scott


Walczyk, Gail M. Northampton County VA Chancery Causes, 1721-1816, Vol 2. Coram NY: Peters Row, 2009, p. 91.

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