The Deposition of John Only - 29 March 1773 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Spelling remains the same

Deposition of Mrs. Fisher
Northampton County Feb 8th 1773 Upshur vs Bell in Chany

Polly Fisher aged 40 years or upwards being duely Sworn on the hold Evangels of almighty god deposeth and Saith that Thomas Upshur ye comptl applied to Mr. Bell ye Defendant to be his Guardian which the Said Bell did not Like to do Saying that in that Short time he Should be in possession of his Estate (the Compt then wanting but two years of being of age) he Should not be able to make anything for housekeeping but that if he coud have it for three years it might be worth while to accept upon which Mr. Upshur told him that he Shoud have it three years --- Mr. Bell then Said that he being under Age his premise woud not be binding, but Mr. Upshur Said that his word was his Bond --- Mr. Bell in Consequence of this agreed to be his Guardian of which Mr. Upshur appeared very desirious. Mr. Bell had one Negroe fellow of Mr. Upshur and a breeding Wench who had a young child at the Time and She was brought to bed of another during the Time Mr. Bell carried upwards of twenty Barrle of Corn for the use of ye Family and was obliged to purchase meat for Same Mr. Bell Kept, Mr. Upshur pretty well cloathed he had Virginia Cloaths for common wear some of which the Dept. helpd make, Also Cloaths out of the Store and Linnen particularly one Shirt and further This Deponent Saith not
Polly Fisher

Febry 8th 1773
Pursuant to a Commission from Accomack County Court to us the Subscribers directed bearing date the xxvth day of Septr in the xith year of his majesty's Reign we took the above Deposition which was properly Sworn to before us
Thos Dalby
Wm. Christian


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