The Depositons of Salathiel Harrison, Luke Core and Rachel Core - March 12th 1772 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Contained in the Chancery Cause Thomas Upshur vs Robert Bell Gdn 1769-003

Spelling remains the same

Thomas Upshur Compt.
vs . . . . . In Chancery
Robert Bell Respt.

Dippositions taken on behalf of the Complainant

The Dipposition of Seleah Harrison aged sixty two and upwards being duely sworn on the holy Evangalis of Almighty God in the suit afsd. deposeth and saith that at the time when Henry Gaskins held the Complainants plantation, that is to say his wife's dower in said plantation the said Gaskins offered to rent his third part of said plantation to this Deponent for the yearly rent of twenty pounds, which sum this Deponent thought was rather too much, but this Depont: judged that the said one third of said plantation was then worth fifteen or sixteen pound which sum this Depnt would have given and this Depont believes that the other two thirds of said Complts. plantation was worth as much in proportion and he believes that the value of the said two thirds were of the same value or there abouts through out the whole time That Robert Bell the Respondt lived on the same --- And further this Deponent saith notSalathiel Harrison

The dipposition of Luke Core aged forty five years or there abouts being duely sworn deposeth and saith that he this Depont lived on the said Compt Plantation and rented some part thereof for one year in the time the Respondt. held and lived on the two thirds of said Plantation and he believes that the two thirds which the Respondt. held was worth thirty pounds in not more. And this Depont. further saith that he lived in the same yard with the Respondt. and he well remembers that the Compt lived as on of the said Respondts family and worked out generally with his Uncle, at the Plough and Harrow and went often a fishing which worth this Deponent verily believes was worth the victuals and cloths found the Compt. by the Respondt. And this Depont remembers and verily believes that all the cloath the Respondt. found the Compt that year he lived on the Plantation was one outside and under Jacket of Virginia Cloath one pare britches of the same two virginia linnin shirts shoes and stockings and believes on bought Coat, of some Kind of english stuff And this Depont further said that the Respondt. the same year and the following year worked the two Negroes belonging to the Compt to wit one Negro Man and one Negro woman which Negroes he believes, were worth yearly seven pounds ten shillings and also the said Respondt. worked two horses of the Compt. which were good work horses And further this Depondent saith not
Luke Core

Rachel Core Aged forty eight or thereabouts being duely sworn deposeth and saith that she well remembers every particular that the Deponent Luke Core above deposed with respect to the Cpmt. working out in the ground and Also a to his Cloathing. and this Deponent further remembers that the Complaint had a horse which the said Respondt worked in his crops, which hors this Deponent believes was a good work hors. And further this Dept. saith not
Rachel Core

March 12th 1772 Pursuant to a Commission form Accomack County court to us the subscribers directed bearing date the xxvth day of September in the xi year of his majesty's Reign we took the above Deppositions which wer properly sworn o before us
Thos Darby
John Respess
Wm. Christian


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