The Deposition of George Bell - 7 May 1763 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

The Dipposition of George Bell aged 72 years or their abouts in Behalf of Henry Pettitt orfin & Sarah Pettitt Plt his next friend as in Behalf of John Pettitt deft the deponant saith that he Noweth not how the defendant John Came by the possession of the house but being witness to the Bond between John Pettitt & his Brother Jonathan Saw that it was interhind to grind his Wheat tool free as well as his Corn & that he herd the Said defendant say that if the Sarah staid in the Sd house till sometime in March following She was to pay him six Barrils of Corn But Saith the sd Sarah did not stay till March but doth not now the Reason why She did not also herd the Said decest Jonathan Say on a certain day in his lifetime that heir was A Child that Came to the mill & that he was grinding for his Brother John & had ground about half a Bushel for him & might coming on too the Remainder of his Corn out & gound the [-----] & it hapened that night the Mill broke away & further Saith Naught


Walczyk, Gail M. Northampton County VA Chancery Causes, 1721-1816, Vol 2. Coram NY: Peters Row, 2009, p. 22.

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