The Deposition of Watkins Joynes - 9 March 1773 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

The Dipposition of Watkins Joins aged fifty years or thereabouts being duely sworn deposeth and saith that the latter part of last summer since the bringing of this suit the Complainant sent for this Depont to come to the Defts house and to arbitrate the matter now in dispute between her and her Husband with a certain Thos Underhill and Mr. Arthur Robins, that this Depont accordingly went, and when he came to the Defts House the Compt After some conversation told this Depont and the other arbitrators that [-----] she and her Husband had agreed to leave the Dispute about her Money to them to settle; but said unless they settled it to her liking she would not stand to what we did, upon which ths Depont & the Other Arbitrators refused to do any thing in the affair --- This Depont then asked the Compt why she sent for him to arbitrate her affair and then refused to let him do it. She answered that two Gentlemen had advised her against leaving this dispute to this Depont and the other Arbitrators to settle; This Depont them asked the Compt who there were that could advise her so, she answered Mr. Michael Christian and Mr. Wm. Ronald --- That after some conversation the Compt grew very angry and took up a bowl of toddy which had just been made by the Defendt and dashed the same on the floor, the Defendt told her not to do so, the Compt answered she would and if he laid the weight of his finger upon her She would have in Goal for she had just clean'd the same out for that purpose --- This Dept them told the compt that if one of her sweetharts had been in Goal it was no reason that all should the Compt answered you speak of John Mc Neal and them that speak any thing against, might as well speak against me, and upon that ordered this Depont out of the House. And further this Depont saith not ---
Watkins Joynes


Anne Downing vs John & Zerubabel Downing, 1772-007. Local Government Records Collection, Northampton County Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. Accessed 27 May, 2009.

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