Deed of Gift from William Andrews to his Son John - 4 January 1653 - Transcribed by Frank V. Walczyk

This indentured witnesseth that I, William Andrews Senior of Northampton County in Virginia do for the parental affection I bearing unto my son, John Andrews which I had by my [now wife Mary [-----] I posess Enfeofee] my son, Wm. Andrews Junior and my brother in law Steph. Stringer of two tracts of land lying upon Hungers Creek and containing about sic hundred acres (as by two pattents for the same may and doth more fully appear) to have and to hold the same as officers in trust (for the use of my said son John) his heirs, execs, and assignes (after my decease) in cause it should happen in my son John his minority for the use of him, my said John till he attaine the age of 21 years, rendering an yearly account when they shall bee there unto required of the profits of the same unto the said John Andrews, his heirs, and execs, and if it pleases God that the said William Andrews continue alive till my said son, John attain to the age of twenty one years I do here by give and posses him my said son John, his heirs, and execs forever of the said two tracts of land formerly mentioned in this writing, and further I do here by declare that (if my said wife should happen to bring me another son) that then the two tracts of six hundred acres here in mentioned shall be equally divided between my said son John and him, who shall have equal right and benefits with my said son John his brother, and if in case my said son and the other son (if they happen to have any other) do depart this life, before they arrive to the age of one and twenty years, then I give the same to the other child or children that then shall be living which, my said wife Mary hath already brought (or shall bear me) after the date of these presents, I do here by declare and my intent is that my said wife Mary (if she please) shall dwell upon the said land and make use of part there of (during her natural life) without paying anything for the use of it, but in case she should marry again that her husband that she happen to have shall pay such yearly rent (as the court of this county shall think fit) as also its provided that in case I the said Wm. Andrews Senior shall think fit to make sale of the land above specified, for the advancement of my posterity, the promises to be of no effect, otherwise to be of effective and in force in law as witness my hand and seal this 4th of January anno 1653.

William Andrews

Signed, sealed, read, published, and delivered in the presence of us Edm. Mathews and Charles Scarburgh

Recorded 12 die May 1654 per me Edm. Mathews clk cur


Walczyk, Frank V.  Northampton County VA Orders, Deeds & Wills 1651-1654 Book IV. Coram NY: Petersrow, 1999: 162.


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