Deed of Gift from Sampson Robins to John Lucar 14 October 1680 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

To all whom these presents shall come I Sampson Robins of the County of Northampton in Virginia, Cooper send greeting know you that out of the great love and affection that I have to John Lucar the son of Thomas Lucar and Margarett his wife do hereby freely give grant and confirm unto the above saidJohn that dividend of land I now live upon containing one hundred acres of land as appears by patent to him the said John and his heirs forever and if it please God the said John Liveth to age of sixteen years then to enter into possession of the said land but in case the said John should die before he comes to the [Page 319] age of sixteen then the said land I give to Margarett Lucar and her heirs the mother of the said John forever always provided that the said John being possessed of the said land shall not turn Margarett his said mother off the plantation dureing her life. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 14th day of October 1680.

Sampson Robins

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us;

Daniel Foxcroft

Arthur Robins

Thomas Dent

December the 2nd 1686, Mr. Arthur Robins one of the evidences to the above written made his oath that the same was the act and deed of Sampson Robins to the best of his knowledge.

endorsed) Also proved in open court June the 21st 1687, by Thomas Dent another of the witnesses to the within written by his corporal oath that the same was the act and deed of Sampson Robins.

Teste - John Washbourne Clk. Cur. Co. Accomack


The 28th day of November 1687, Then the probate of the within written deed of Sampson Robins deceased was approved and allowed of by the court of the said county as authentic and appearing by Mr. Arthur Robins and Thomas Dents oaths made to the same in Accomack County Court and ordered to be recorded.

Teste - Daniel Neech Clk. Cur.

Recorded - Daniel Neech Clk. Cur. Co. Northampton

Walczyk Frank V.  Northampton County Order & Wills 1686 - 1689, Vol. 11. Coram NY: Peter's Row; pp. 82.

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