Deed of Gift from John Dorman to His Children - 30 November 1653 - Transcribed by Frank V. Walczyk

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come greetings. Know yea that I, John Dorman of Northampton County in Virginia planter do by this my act and deed give, confirm, and grant unto my four children, John Dorman, Mary Dorman, Sara Dorman, and Mathew Dorman five head of cattle (vizt. one called "Nancy" colored brown, "Black Bess" a white faced heffer, and two red cow calves, marked all of one mark (except the cow called black Bess) cropt on the right ear, three slits and swallow tailed on the left ear, the calves are underbitten on the left ear, the said cattle with all their increase (female) my desire is may be for and towards the producing of a stock and portion for my said children, the male increase I reserve to myself, to be at my disposing, and I do here by request and authorize mt friend Mr. Edmund Mathews clerk of this county, to be places in trust to see the performance of this my act and deed that the same may stand effectual in the law, my desire is that this deed may be recorded. Witness my hand this 30th of November anno dom 1653

John Dorman

Signed, and delivered in presence of John Dickson

Recorded 12 die mensis December 1653 per me Edm. Mathews clk cur


Walczyk, Frank V.  Northampton County VA Orders, Deeds & Wills 1651-1654 Book IV. Coram NY: Petersrow, 1999; p 146.

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