Deed from Nathaniel Walker to John Tankred - Recorded 28 February 1686 - Transcribed by Frank V. Walczyk

Know all men by these presents that I Capt. Nathaniel Walker of the County of Northampton for and in consideration of twenty four thousand pounds of tobacco and cask to me secured by bills passed by John Tankred have bargained sold and delivered like as by these presents I do bargain sell and deliver to the said John Tankred his heirs and assignees forever six hundred and fifty cres of land in the county aforesaid being a plantation whereon John Winbury now dwelleth part whereof was by me bought from Owen Edmunds and the other part from Mr. John Vines and John Billiard and I do hereby oblidge me my heirs exec'rs and admin'rs to give him the said Mr. John Tankred a firm assurance for the same (such as he his heirs and assignees shall devise advise and require) and acknowledge the same in open court provided always nevertheless that if the said John Tankred his heirs, exec'rs and admin'rs shall not well and truly pay or cause to be paid the said sum in four years time and also permit John Winbury to live in a house the said Walker shall build for him to look after the said Walkers stock of creatures on the said plantation, and also the said Winbury to have liberty to make use of half the clear ground during the said four years then this present writing and the deed hereby intended and expressed to be utterly void and of noneffect He the said Nath'l Walker his heirs exec'rs and admin'rs repaying to the said John Tankred his exec'rs admin'rs and assignees all such sum and sums of tobacco as shall be really paid and satisfied towards payment for the said land as witness my hand and seal the 10th day of September anno 1681.

Nathaniel Walker

Signed sealed and delivered the words (during the said four years) first interlined in presence of;

Nathaniel Bradford

John Jennings

Recorded - Daniel Neech Clk. Cur. Co. Northampton

Walczyk Frank V.  Northampton County Order & Wills 1686 - 1689, Vol. 2. Coram NY: Peter's Row: 54.

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