Arthur Robins, Gentleman to Hugh Roberts, Taylor Deed - 3 January 1715 - Typescript in the Clerk's Office

NOTE: Spellings have not been changed.

THIS INDENTURE mad the 3th day of January in the year of our Lord God Seventeen hundred and fifteen and in the second year of the Reign of our sovereign Lord George of Great Britian, France, and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c Between Arthur Robins of the County of Northampton in Virginia Gentleman on the one Party, and Hugh Roberts of the county of Accomack in Virginia aforesd; Taylor on the other party. WITNESSETH that the said Arthur Robins for and in Consideration of the sum of Four thousand pounds of Tobacco in hand paid to me the said Arthur Robins by the said Hugh Roberts the Receipt whereof and of every part and every parcel thereof I doe hereby Acknowledge my selfe to be fully satisfied contented and paid doth fully clearly and absolutely Give grant, Bargain Sell, Alien Infeoff and confrim unto the said Hugh Roberts his heirs and Assigns for Ever, one hunndred Acres of Land Scituate lyeing and being at the head of Onancock Creek in the County of Accomack aforesadi named on a Fork that Runs out the main Branch of that Creek, it being one hundred Acres of Land that belongeth to a Grant or Patent to Charles Colford and Mary Colforn his Sister for Eight hundred Acores of Land as by the sd. Patent doth at large appear, which sd. one hundred Acres of Land was sold to Garret Sepell, and by the sd. Sepell sold to Robert Hutchinson, and by the sd Robert Hutchinson to John Kellam as by a deed bearing date the tenth of October one thousand six hundred & Eighty and by the sd. John Kellam sold assigned to by late Father Arthur Robins late of the sd: County of Northampton deceased, and his heirs & assigns for Ever by Deed bearing Date the twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred Eighty [-----] as also by the sd: deed it doth & may more fully Appears wich said one hundred Acres of Land came and descended upon me the sd Arthur Robins by [-----] of ye Comon Law as son and heir of his Sd Father the sd Arthur Roberts [Robins] deceased as aforesd. which sd. Tract or Parcel of Land Beginneth at the bottom of the Forke that Runs out of the main Branch, and so to Run up the sd: Fork until he have the full Complement of one hundred Acres of Land: Togeth-- with all Houses, Orchards Gardens woods Waters Fences Profitts, & Commodities & appurtenances whatsoever belonging or in Any wise Appertaining together with all my right Title Interest Claim and demand whatsoever in and to the Same Land and Premises TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the sd: one hundred Acres of land with all and Every of their Appurtenances unto the said Hugh Roberts his heirs and Assigns for Ever, and I the sd Arther Robins do hereby Warrant and Shall ever Defenc the same form the just Title Claime & demand of Any person or persons whatsoever in as full and ample manneer as by Law can be Lawfully Required or demanded unto the sd. Hugh Roberts his heirs and Assigns against me the sd. Arthur Robins and my hiers or amy other person or persons Lawfully Claiming by from or under me shall and will warrant and for Ever defend by these presents: and I the sd. Arthur robins do by these presents and for the true performance hereof bind myselfe my heirs Executors and Administrators truly in the sum of Eight tousand pound of Merchantable Tobacco and Cask to be paid to the sd Hugh Roberts his heirs Executors Administrator

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