Deed from John Churn and Eliza his wife to David N Boole - October 1871 - Transcribed Sandra Perkins

This deed made the 21st day of October in the Year One thousand, eight hundred and seventy one (1871) between John Churn and Eliza Churn, his Wife, of the County of Accomack and State of Virginia of the first part, And David N Boole of the County of Northampton and State of Virginia of the second part Witnesseth that the said John Churn and his Wife parties of the first part to this deed; for and in consideration of the sum of Thirty Dollars ($30.00) to them in hand paid, at the time of the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt is hereby acknowledged and are wherewith fully satisfied and contented Do grant, bargain, sell and convey unto David N Boole, party of the second part to this deed, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. Our one third individual interest in and to a certain tract or parcel of land, Situated off Hog Island, State of Virginia and bounded on the North by the lands of John J Doughty, On the South, by the lands of O Richard Phillips, On the East by the Atlantic Ocean, on the West by the Broadwater, and now occupied and in possession of Sheppard Doughty, it being the undivided 1/3 interest in the said tract or parcel of land which Harvey Churn,deceased, died siezed and possessed
In testimony hereof, We the parties of the first part of this deed have hereunto set our hand and Seal, the day and Year first above mentioned.
John Churn
Eliza Churn

Signed, Sealed and delivered in the presence of

Northampton County to Wit,
We W M Hunt and James W, Downing Justices of the peace, in the State of Virginia, do certify that Eliza Churn, the Wife of John Churn, whose names are signed to the writing above, bearing date on the 21st day of October, personally appeared before us, in the County aforesaid. and being examined by us privily and apart from her Husband, and having the writing aforesaid fully explained to her, She the said Eliza Churn, acknowledged the said writing to be her act and declared that she had willingly executed the same and does not wish to retract it. Given under our hands this 21st day of October AD 1871
W M Hunt, JP
James W Downing, JP

Northampton County to Wit,
I James W Downing, a Justice of the Peace, for the County aforesaid, in the State of Virginia, do certify that John Churn, whose name is signed to the writing above bearing date on the 21st day of October, has acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid, Given under my hand this 21st day of October AD. 1871
James W Downing, JP

In the Clerk's Office of Northampton County Court on the 3rd day of February 1872, this deed from John Churn and Eliza, his Wife to David N Boole was this day received by me, and with the certificate of the privy examination, declaration and acknowledgement of the said Eliza Churn, thereto annexed and the certificate of the acknowledgement of the said John Churn thereto also annexed was admitted to record.
James M Brickhouse, Clerk


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