Deed from Howell Glading to George Nicholas Hack - 25 March 1684 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
To all Christian people to whom these present writing shall Come I Howell Glading of the County of Accomack in virginia planter and Alice my wife send gretting from the Lord god everlasting know ye that I the said Howell Glading for a full & valluable consideration to me in hand paid by George Nicholas Hack of the Same County gent have aliened granted bargained sold enfeoffed & delivered and confirmed and doe by these presents Alien Grant bargain sell enfeoffe deliver and Confirm unto the Said George Necholas Hackto his heirs for ever a tract of Land conteyning seven hundred acres lying in Accomack aforesaid in the woods between the heads of Assawoman branches and Messango bounded Souteast on the marked trees of Capt Daniel Jenifers Land Northeast by the bounds of John Stokelys land & running from it alongst the markt trees of Nicholas Millechop 300 acres of land southwest & by south 320 poles thence snf by erdy 204 poles then Northeast and by north unto the land of John Stokley the said Land being originally granted unto Griffith Savage by Patent Dated the 25th day of October 1673 and by him conveyed unto the said Howell Gladding by convayance and assigment of the Said Patent dated the 16th day of July 1679 a by the same may at large appear to have and to hold the Said Seven hundred acres of Land wth all singular the appurtenances unto the Said George Nicholas Hack and to his heirs and assigns forever fully & sales ffeoffment Leases Jointures Dowers Entails Statutes Judgments Recognizment & appurtenances unto the Said George Nicholas Hack and his heirs agst me & my heirs the Said and all and every other pson & persons shall and will warrrant and forever defend by these presents and I the Said Alice wife of the Said Howell doe hereby promise reward and for ever quite claime iunto the Said George Nicholas Hack and th his hiers for ever all my Dower right & title of a Dower of in and to the Said Seaven hundred acres of Land wth the appurteances soe that either I the Said Alice nor any other person in my behalf shall at any time hereafter claime action ore demand of title of Dower of in and to the Said Seaven hundred acres of Land wth the appurtenances shall & will be excluded and for ever debarred by these presents ane we the Said Howell and alice doe hereby further Covenant promise & grant to and with the Said George Nicholas Hack that we and either of us Shall and will at any time defend [----- line unreadable -----] & assuringe of the Seaven hundred acres of Land wth the appurtenances unto the said George Nicholas Hack and his heirs as shall by the said hack or his Councill barned in the Law be personallby devised of advised ore required In [-----] whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seales the twenty fifth day of March 1684 and in the yeare of the Reigne of our Soveriegn Lord King Charles the second over England as the thirty sixth
the mark of
Howell Gladding
the mark of
Alice Gladding

Sealed and delivered in the presenc
of Nathl Bradford

March 26th 1684
Acknowledged in open Court by Howel Gladding as his reall act and deed to Mr George Nicholas Hack as allso by Alice his wife as her free reall & voluntary act and deed to ye aforesd George Nicholas Hack
Per Jno Washbourne Cl Cur

Recorded Aprill ye 6th 1684 p Jno Washoburne Cl Cu } com Accomk


_____. Accomack County Virginia Orders, Wills & Deeds etc 1682-1697, pp. 177, 178.

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