Deed of Gift from Howell Gladdin to his son John - 16 December 1673 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Know all men by these presents that I Howell Gladdin of the county of Accomack in Virga as well for & in consideracon of the Naturall love & affection I have & beare unto my lovinge son John Gladdin as also for [-----] other good causes & consideracons more thereunto movinge Have freely & absolutely given granted assigned made over & delivered & by this present Deed of gift doe give grant assigne make over & deliver unto my said Son John Gladdin one Black Cow about five yers old last Springe formerly of Thomas Letherburys marke & now altered into my owne marke as [-----] as I could bringe three slitts in the right eare & the left one cropt and underbitted and one slitt in the cropt. wch Said cow was produced from a gift of the said Thomas Letherberry to my said son more I give unto him as aforesaid two Black heffers tue years old a [-----] last Springe marked of my owne [-----] marke aforesaid And all (-----) the said Cow & Heffers branded on ye left Buttock wth H. G. with all ye female increase of ye said Cow & Heffers and male increase of one of the Heffers to be sold & only as a benefit of my said Son & his heirs for ever to be possessed of the same when he should attaine to the age of eighteen years But in case it soe happen that either my self or now wife depart this life before my Said Son attain ye Said age for ye time of either of our departure my Said son to have ye male as well as the female increase of the other Cow & Heffer likewise if it please god my Said Son Should dye before hee attaine ye age aforesaid then what is hereby given wholly to goo to ye only proper use & benefit and behoft of the rest of my childrne then living & their heirs & to ye Survivor or Survuvors of them equall6y to bee divided amongst them as they shall attain to lawfull age accordinge to ye true intent and [-----] before herein expressed In witenss whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the 16d day of Decembr [-----] 1673
the marke of ye sd
Howell Gladdin

Signed Sealed & Delivered
in presence of
Dan: Neech
Eustis Saunders

Endorsed ye seale
The 7th of January 1673 Acknowledged
by ye said Howell Gladdin in open court
as his reall Act & Deed accordinge to
the uses & intentt within espressed

Teste Dan: Neech Dep: Cl Cur } Co: Accomk
Recorded 24th Jany 4 1673 pr Dan: Neech Dep: Cl Cur


_____. Accomack County Virginia Orders, Wills & Deeds 1671-1673, pp. 74, 75.

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