George Hope Jr. vs George Hope Sr. 1774 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Spelling remains the same

Hope Junr
vs. . . . . . . Cy
Hope Senr

copd. fid 31st May 1774chd

To the Worshipful Court of Accomack County in Chancery Sitting humbly complaining Sheweth unto your Worships your orator George Hope Junior of the Province of Maryland that about ten of twelve years past your Orators father died seised in fee a Tract of Land lying in the Colony of Virginia in Occahannoc Neck in the County of Northampton containing ninety five Acres or there abouts which Land descended unto your Orator as heir at Law to his father & that your Orator was an Infant of tender years at the time of his father's Death, Your Orator further shews that your Orator's Uncle Johannes Watson knowing that your Orator was indigent offered to take your Orator and maintain and educate him without making any Charge against your Orators Estate for the Same if he the Said Johannes was appointed Guardian to your Orator And that your Orators Uncle George Hope Senior of Accomack County being desirous too be appointed Guardian to your Orator expressly promised that if he was appointed he would do the Same, that he would make no charge against your Orator's Estate for the Education and maintenance of your Orator, in Consequence of which Promise the Said Johannes waived all Pretension to the guardianship of your Orator and making no Opposition, the Said George Hope Senior was appointed at a Court holden for Northampton County on the day of in the year on thousand Seven hundred and Guardian to your Orator & as such entered upon and took possession of the Said Tract of Land and held possession of the Same during the Space of four years, during which Time the Said Hope Senr leased it out the first year at private Sale for six pounds current money of Virginia the Second year for eleven pounds fifteen Shillings At publick Sale the third year at private Sale for Seven pounds ten Shillings & the fourth year also at private Sale for Seven pounds ten Shillings, tho your Orator has reason to believer that had the Said Hope Senr leased the Land every year at publick Sale he might have received as much or more to it yearly as he received the Second year; Which above Sums of Money your Orator charges that the Said Hope Senr did receive as Guardian to your Orator; But now So it is may it please your Worships that the Said Hope Senr doth refuse to Account to your Orator for the aforesaid Profit of his Estate or for any part of the Same alledging that the Expence of maintaining and Educating your Orator was more than equivalent to the profits of your Orators Estate whereas the Said Hope Senr well knows that he promised not to make any charges against your Orator for Maintenance and Education and that even if he was to charge for Such Maintenance and Education as he gave your Orator it would be by no means equal to the Profits he received from your Orators Estate All Which Actings and Doings fo the Said Hope Senr are contrary to Equity and Good Conscience In tender Consideration whereof and for as much as your Orator is without Remedy by the Strict rules of Law and has no redress except this Worshipful Court where all matters of this Nature are properly Cognisable To the End therefore that the Said Hope Senr may be compelled to declare upon Oath whether he did not make the promise above alledged or what promise he did make whether he was not appointed Guardian to your Orator, Whether your Orator was not possessed of Land hereto mentioned or of what Estate your Orator was possessed and what Estate the said Hope Senr. received as Guardian to your Orator, Whether the said Hope Senr did not lease the Said Lands for the [-----] sumes alledged or for what Sums Whether he did not receive the Sums alledged or what Sume he did receive and finally that upon Oath true and perfect Answer he may make to all the matters herein contained in the Same manner as if again particularly interrogated, and may cone to an Account and pay your Orator the Profits which he made by your Orators Estate And that your Orator may be relieved according to Equity and good Conscience May it please your Worships, the premisses being considered to grant to your Orator his Majestys Writ of Subpeona to be directed to the Said George Hope Senr thereby commanding him at a certain day and under a certain Penalty therein limited personally to be and appear before your Worships in this Worshipful Court then and there to answer all and singular the Premisses, and to Stand to, perform and abide by Such Order & decree therein as to your Lordships Shall seem meet; And your Orator Shall ever pray &c
George Hope Junr
by Luther Martin his Attorney

Hope. . . . . . . Spa in Canc

Sumon'd Tully R. Wise Shff
ex WA

George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c To the Sheriff of Accomack that you Summon George Hope (the Elder) to be and appear before Our Justices of our Court of Our County of Accomack in Chancery at the Court House thereof on the last Tuesday in July Instant To Answer unto the Bill of Complaint of George Hope (the younger) Exhibited against him And this he Shall in no wise Omitt under the penalty of One hundred pounds And have then there this Writ Witness George Holden Clerk of our said Court at the Court House the Seventh Day of July In the Twelfth year of our Reign
Geo. Holden


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