Easland Joynes Widow &c vs Thomas Joynes Infant - October 1757 - Final Decree - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.
fild 14 June 1757 TG SCC
& Dercree for Dower &c
July Contd
Aug Contd
October Final Decree

Northampton to wit
To the Worshipfull Court of Northampton In Chancery
Setting Esland Joynes administrix and widow of the intestate Edmund Joynes Decd: Mary Joynes of the Joynes Ritta Joynes & Betty Joynes: Infants by Esland Joynes their next friend Humbly Complaining Showeth to the Court that Edmund Joynes Lait of the County aforsd Died Intestate leaving Several Slaves: (to Wit) John Jimmy Sarah and Lettey. These Complaints pray that Thomas Joynes heir at law to ye Edmund may be compeled to make partition of the Said Slaves or a distributive part thereof as Shall be agreeable to Equity and good Conscience and Comply with the Decree of this Worshipful Court and as In Duty bound shall pray

The answer of Thomas Joynes by Watkins Joynes his guardian to the bill of Complaint of Esland Joynes Mary Joyns Esther Joynes Ritta Joynes & Betty Joynes: this defendant by his Guardian saith that he confesseth it to be true that all and singular the things and allegations In the Complaints bill to be in manner and form as in the bill is Set forth and Humbly Submits to the Decree of this worshipful Court in Chancery &c
And prays her Dower to be assigned


Easland Joyne Administrix &c, & Widow of Edmund Joynes decd
Mary Joyne, Esther Joyne,
Ritter Joyne & Betty Joyne, Infants.
Orphans of the said Edmund, by the said Easland their
next friend Plts
agst . . . In Chancery
Thomas Joyne Infant Orphan of the said
Edmund by Watkins Joyne his Guardian Deft

This Cause was this Day heard upon the Bill & Answer On Consideration thereof, It is Decreed and ordered that Michael Chirstian, John Addison, John Joyne and Arthur Downing Senr (or any two of them) do assign unto the Plt Easland her Dower of the Slaves in the Bill mentioned (to wit) John, Jimmy, Sarah, & Lettey, and that the Guardian of the Deft do pay to the Plts Appraised value of the remaining Slaves after such Dower be first set apart, & that he make publick Sale of such of the said remaining Slaves as will be of Value sufficient for that purpose and that report thereof be made to the next Court, in order to a final Decree.


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