Andrews et al vs Andrews 1810 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

To the Worshipfull Justices of Northampton County in Chy humbly complaining sheweth unto your worships your Orators Major Andrews Jno Andrews & Jas Andrews & Thos Andrews Southy Andrews & Nancy Andrews by Major Andrews their next friend that a certain Jno Andrews grandfather of the Complts was in his life time & at the time of his death possessed of the following Negro Slaves to wit, Nimrod & Jane That the sd Jno Andrews being so thereof possessed upon the 14th Jany 1766 duly made and published his last will & testament in writing & shortly after departed this life having in no wise altered or revoked his sd Will which was upon the day of ____ duly proven & admitted to record as the law requires in this Court, that the sd Jno Andrews left the following Children to wit Wm Andrews the Father of the complts & John Andrews, Ann Andrews & Peggy Andrews That by the Will of the sd Jno Andrews he devised the whole of his personal Estate to be equally divided between his children, to wit Wm Andrews father of the Complts & Jno Andrews Ann Andrews & Peggy Andrews as afsd after the death of Betty Andrews the widow of sd Jno your Complts further sheweth that the sd Jno Andrews, Ann Andrews & Peggy Andrews, children of the sd Jno Andrews Grandfather of the Complts departed this life in the life time of Betty Andrews the Widow Intestate & without Issue, that Wm Andrews also departed this life upon th __day of _____ 1790 Intestate leaving the Complts & Shepperd Andrews his children & Wm Andrews who departed this life on the 1st day of September 1810 Intestate & without issue that Betty Andrews the widow of Jno the grandfather, departed this life upon the __ October 1809 leaving the Complts & Wm Andrews & Sheppard Andrews her grandchildren & heirs & the following Negro Slaves to wit Isaac, Jane, Pheasant, Sarah, June, Peter Harry, & Ned, Bill & Luke the Estate of the afsd Jno Andrews decd that the afsd Slaves by virtue of the will afsd & the law of descents possessed & became vested in the Complts & Wm Andrews decd & Shepperd Andrews children of the sd Wm Andrews, that by the death of Wm Andrews one of the Children of the afsd Wm a brother to the Complts Intestate & without Issue, his undivided part of the afsd Slaves descended to the Complts & Shepperd Andrews, so that each of the Complts & Shepperd Andrews the deft are each intitled to one eight of the afsd Slave, & the remaining one eight the share of Wm Andrews decd a brother, remains to be divided after paymt of his debts in the following proportions to wit, to Major Andrews, Jno Andrews & Jas Andrews being of the whole blood each two tenths of sd one eighth, & to Thos Andrews, Southy Andrews, Shepperd Andrews & Nancy Andrews the remaining four tenths equall between them your complts with that division of sd Slaves may be made between the sd parties according to their respective rights, & have proposed the same to Shepperd Andrews; the deft and the Complts had hoped that division of sd Slaves might have been mad without further trouble or delay - But now so it is may it please your Worships the sd Shepperd Andrews is infant & incapable and your Complts are advised of consenting to a division so as to be binding on them - In tender consideration whereof & for them the Complts are without remedy in the premises but by the aid of a Court of Chy where here matters of this kind are only releavable - To the end therefore the sd Shepperd Andrews may true distinct & perfect ansr. make to the premises that division of said Slaves may e divided between the Complts & the sd Shepperd

Andrews et al
vs . . . . Supa in Chancery

1810 March Continued
April 17th alias Supa
June 19th Continued
July 14th Continued
August 21st Dismissed
[-----] to Jno & Southy & continued as to others
September 18 Continued
November 20st Continued
December 10 Decree for Division Slaves etc

The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of Northampton County, Greeting: We command you that you summon James Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Southy Andrews, Sheppard Andrews and Nancy Andrews to appear before our Justices of our Court of our said County in chancery at the Court House on the second Monday in March next, to answer a Bill in Chancery exhibited against them by Major Andrews, William Andrews and John Andrews. and this they shall in no wise omit under the Penalty of £100 and have then there this Writ: Witness Thomas Lyttleton Savage Clerk of our said Court this 12th day of December 1809 In the 34th year of the Commonwealth
Thos Lytt: Savage

The Ansr. of Shepperd Andrews by Wm Satchell Gdn. by the Court appointed to deft the Suit of Major Andrews & others agt them exhibited this respdt. by his sd Gdn. for ansr. to sd Bill with that he believes the facts as therein stated are true & that the parties are intitled in manner as they claim but that the respdt. being an Infant cannot consent thereto he therefore submits to the decision of this court relying on Justice being Same &c & prays to be hence & dismist &c.
Will Satchell


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