Southy Andrews &c vs William Andrew's heirs - March 1770 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

vs . . . in Chancery

March 1770
Decree for partition
Sept: final Decree

Northampton Sct To the worshipfull Court of Chancery of the County aforesaid

Humbly complaining Sheweth unto your worships your Orator Southy Andrews and Oratrixes Nelly and Machel Andrews and Anne Westerhouse the late widdow of William Andrews decease That where a certain Wm Andrews of the County aforesaid by his last will and Testament bearing date the xii Day of November Anno Domini MDCCX which Will was truly proved and admitted to be recorded amongst the records of the said County which will we pray may be taken as part of this Bill did amongst other things in the said Will appoint that his two Negroes Diper and Hagar of whom he died possessed Should be equally divided amongst his Seven Children (to wit) Southy, Nelly, Machel, Anne, John, Susanna and William, together with his Widdow the aforesaid Ann Westerhouse that now is. But now so it may it please your worships that in so much a member of the said legatees are under age and [-----] that can be made of the said Negroes will [-----] without a decree of this worshipfull Court. In tender consideration thereof and in as much as your [-----] Oratrixes are without remedy save in this worshipfull Court To the end therefore that the said Infants division viz Anne, John, Susanna and William may be compelled to appear by some person whom this Court shall please to permit as their next friend

Northampton Sct
The Joint Answer of Ann, John, Susanna & William Andrews by John Harmanson their Next friend to the bill of Complaint exhibited against them by Southy Andrews, Nelly and Machel Andrews and Anne Westerhouse

The Defendants now and at all time hereafter saving to themselves all manner and benefit of exceptions to the said bill of Complain For Answer thereunto or as so much as they are advised is necessary and material to answer answereth and Saith that true it is that the said William Andrews father made his will aforesaid and Disposed of the Negroes aforesaid in the manner aforesaid exhibited in the Bill of Complaint aforesaid And they further Say that they have no objection to a Division so it be a fair and Honest One and they only Charged their proportional part of the Costs of this Suit
Defts pr S:


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