The Petition of Samuel Johnson & Agatia his wife - 1728 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

Saml Johnson and others
Petn Concerning a Division of Gelding real Estate
Fil 9th Jany 1727
pr GP: CC
Jany Court 1727
The Defts Ordered to be
p GP: CC

To the Worshipll Court of Northampton County now sitting in Chancery The Humble Petition of Samuel & Agatha his wife One of the Sisters of Charles Gelding Supposed Deced John Waterson on the behalf of Casiah his wife Deced One of the sisters of the said Charles Gelding, Southy Rew Son of Comfort Rew One other of the sisters of the Said Charles Gelding & Benjamin Hylyard and Hope his wife One other of the Sisters of the said Charles Gelding Humbley Sheweth That your Petn wives being Sisters or Representatives of Such of the Said Charles Gelding are intituled together with ffrancis Stockley Son of Charity Stockley one of the sisters of the sd Charles Gelding for their respective Shares of the Estate of the sd Charles Gelding

That Contrary to your Petns inclinacon Advise or knowledge the said ffrancis Stockley lately petitioned this Worshipll Court for and accordingly Obtained Administracon on the Estate of the said Charles Gelding. And an Order to Divide his personal Estate to wch hath been Done

That Since Such Division the Said ffrancis hath Enter'd On the Lands of the Said Charles Gelding & Sold his part or Share there of to Undivided to a Certain Peter Bowdoin who Combining with the Said Stockley agt your Petns by virtue of that or Some other power from the Said Stockely hath enter'd on all the Said land and hath begun to fell great quantities of Timber & continues to make waste to and Spoil over all the Said Tract --- So that if nor hindered by Order from Your Worships the sd Land will be of no Value after all the fencing Stuff & Timber is got off

And ffor as much as you Petrs are Advised they are intitled to their Equal proportions of the Said Land with the Sd Stockley They Humbly desire Writ Worship & Court will Order the real as well as personal Estate of the Said Charles Gelding may be Divided and your Petrs have their respective Shares And that ye Sd Worships will grant an Injunction whereby the Said Bowdoin & Stockley may be prevented from Committing further Waste on the premises And may be Answerable for what they have hitherto committed And that he sd Petrs may be further & fully relived in the premises And the as in Duty bound Shall pray
Samuel Johnson
John Waterson
Southey Rew
Benja Hilyard

Executed on Peter Bowdin
pr Mr Jno Pigot
Sub via

At a court held be Adjournment for Northton County on Wednesday the 10th day of January 1727
On consideration of the petition of Samuel Johnson and others in Chancery agt ffrances Stockely & others Ordered That the said Stockley & Mr Peter Bowdoin be Summoned to the next Court to Answer the said petition
Copia Teste
G Poke Cl Cur


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