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Lillian Nottingham Sturges

Blanche M. Sturgis
Bruce L. Sturgis
Calvin F. Sturgis
Cecil O. Sturgis
Herman Sturgis
Howard N. Sturgis
Julia A. Downing Sturgis
Lois H. Sturgis
Marvin E. Sturgis
Mildred W. Sturgis
Minnie G. Joynes Sturgis
Oswald W. Sturgis
Otho L. Sturgis, Sr.
Ruth Audrey Sturgis
S. Maurice Sturgis
Sidney C. Sturgis
Sturgis marker
Sturgis marker
Unknown Sturgis child (possibly daughter of Otho and Blanche)
Virginia T. Sturgis

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