Custis Slave Cemetery in Wilsonia Neck Endangered

A piece of property that is believed to hold the graves of slaves of the John Custis III family is once again endangered by legal action.  A suit was brought in Northampton Court by nearby landowners who wish to gain access to the creek waterfront.  The property contains approximately eight burials, and perhaps more.  It is unclear whether the proposed access rights would cross any graves or disturb the site in any way.

Below are thumbnails of several photographs taken at the site.  What appear here are computer scans of printouts, hence the quality.  Click on a thumbnail to see the image.

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An article in the February 9, 2005, Eastern Shore News gave details about the site. The parties who initiated the lawsuit own properties near the graveyard, but their lands were unimproved (no houses) at the time they filed the lawsuit.

The NAACP has voiced its opposition to any intrusion upon the burial site.

If you agree that this burial site should be protected, please send your comments to:

Mrs. Jean Mihalyka
Box 517
Cheriton, VA 23316