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Alonzo T. Leatherbury
Alonzo T. Leatherbury (footstone)
Alonzo T. Leatherbury, Jr.
Annie Custis Leatherbury
Annie F. Leatherbury
Annie F. Leatherbury (footstone)
C. Page Leatherbury
Infant daughter of Dixon and Beatrice Leatherbury
Joanna West Leatherbury
Joanna West Leatherbury (footstone)
John Waddy Leatherbury
Leatherbury marker
Leatherbury marker
Margaret Custis Leatherbury
Mildred N. Leatherbury
Rebecca Waddey Leatherbury
Thomas E. Leatherbury
Thomas E. Leatherbury (footstone)
W. Dixon Leatherbury

William J. Leatherbury, Jr.
William Jacob Leatherbury

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