Unidentified Cemetery

This page is simply a placemarker for a plot that has not been identified. This stone is isolated but is listed as belonging in the Gibbons Cemetery near Metompkin, listed as "GibbM, " #205, in Carey, Miles and Miles' Tombstone Inscriptions of Upper Accomack County, Virginia.  Thanks to Lisa Gibbons for all of these images.

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Please note that at least part of the information given in Tombstone Inscriptions is incorrect (the stone records the death date, not the birth date), but this information was based on the results of a National Youth Administration project conducted in 1937. See Ms. Carey's introduction for details.

There may be other burials in this location, or nearby.

*** Lisa has confirmed that this stone is a single burial in situ rather than being a stone cast aside from another cemetery. Whether this stone should be considered part of the Gibbons Cemetery remains to be determined.

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