Scarburgh Graves

Near Cashville, Virginia

 According to Graven Stones by Jean Mihalyka and Faye Wilson, this plot lies

. . . to the W of R638, .15m from the junction of R634; about three-quarters way across large field.  2 large imported flat slabs lay side by side.  Whitelaw (p. 808) indicated this as the probable burial site of Charles & Elizabeth Scarburgh.  No inscriptions on stones.  (Jean Mihalyka and Faye Wilson.  Graven Stones.  Inscriptions from Lower Accomack County, Virginia, including Liberty and Parksley Cemeteries.  Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc.; p. xxxii)

This is the reference from Whitelaw:

Drawing a conclusion from several references in the records, it seemed possible that the Scarburgh home FAIRFIELD had been at about A54C and a special search was made for indications of a graveyard in that vicinity.  Two heavy stone slabs were found side by side in the middle of an alfalfa field, each being about seven feet by three feet in size and perhaps four inches thick.  They are flush with the present ground and have been badly scarred by tractor lugs and other agricultural implements, but do not offer a single indication that they were ever inscribed.  It is local tradition that they are Indian grave markers, but that does not make sense, as they are expensive imported stones.  It seems reasonable to believe that Charles had ordered them from England at some unknown date to have them in readiness for the deaths of his wife and himself, but that no local stone mason was ever available to make the necessary inscriptions.  (Ralph T. Whitelaw. Virginia's Eastern Shore.  Volume Two.  Camden, Maine: Picton Press, 1989; p. 808)

Graven Stones lists the following individuals:

Charles Scarburgh (1643-1702)
Elizabeth Scarburgh (d. 1719)

It is believed that the graves lie somewhere in this field:

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Graven Stones: #226, Scag
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